Friday, February 2, 2007

Global Warming

Big report out today dealing with Global Warming... I have some serious concerns with the global warming issues that never seem to get answered, or addressed.
First, it is a very hot political issue. This always muddles the science as governments and political parties get involved. This issue is so hot, that funding depends on certain results, and we have seen many times that press releases, abstracts, and conclusions claim to have definitive proof that are weakly or not supported by the data. The conclusion was worded a certain way as to draw attention, and additional funding to the study group.
This new report was written by scientists AND governments. This is never good. Governments, like school children, hold grudges, and have petty issues with other governments. One government will do anything to weaken another as to gain power for themselves.

Next you have to look at who is behind the groups that are pushing for the green movement. They are typically socialist or outright communist organizations. After the fall of socialism in Europe, these groups went underground to find a new cause they could use to attack capitalism. They found the Environmental movement. It is difficult to extract the class warfare from the science that has permeated the environmental movement. This is by design.

After that you look at what else is going in the solar system. First and foremost, we see that there is a relation to the amount of solar activity (sun spots) and the warmth of the climate on the inner planets. We see that the sun has been very active the past 1000 years and especially active the last 20. We see that the sun had a cooling period during the "Little Ice Age" during the 13th to 17th centuries. We see that the sun was very active during the Medieval Warming Period. We know that the polar ice caps on Mars are shrinking at relatively the same rate as the caps on Earth.

There is enough evidence to suggest that the temperature of the earth has risen slightly. Yet, where the UN and this latest report suggests that the temperature has risen over a degree C, the most accurate and long lasting weather data comes from the United States, our data shows that the average temperature has only risen approximately 0.3 degrees in the last 100 years.

I am not convinced that Global Warming is specifically man made. It is much more likely that we are simply in a warming phase of climate, the same that has happened time and time again.

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