Monday, February 12, 2007

Where are the Conspiracy Theorists?

Denmark needs man made Global Warming to be real. If it is not real, then the extra tax they have been leveling on their population due to their support of the Kyoto Treaty will have been for nothing.

Who is Henrik Svensmark?

Quite simply he is a Danish scientists who has proven a facet of Global Climate change. Only you won't hear about him from the Danish government, the European Union, or even the media in the United States. Why? Because the facet of Global Warming he proved does not fit in to the agenda of the above groups. Those groups NEED Global Warming to be man made. They have invested all of their political capital in that theory. So they have to cover certain "inconvenient truths" up. Such as, the Medieval Warming Period, the Little Ice Age, Viking settlements and farms on Greenland, mythical passes in the Swiss Alps appearing, the fact that the Southern pole's ice is growing thicker, and the fact that the Global Temperature has not increased in eight years. Oh, and now one more thing, thanks to Dr. Svensmark the correlation between cosmic rays and cloud creation.

Why does cloud cover matter? Fewer clouds means more ground is exposed to the sun, more ground exposed to the sun causes the Earth to warm up, warmer Earth means... well you get the idea. Dr. Svensmark found that there is a direct correlation with the Sun's activity and the amount of cosmic rays that get to us. The more active the Sun is, the fewer rays get to us, thus fewer clouds form. It acts as a one, two punch for climate change. More sun spots mean the sun is "hotter" than normal heating us, fewer clouds in the sky act to heat us even more, and BLAMO, you got yourself Global Warming. You also explain the earlier heating and cooling periods before industrialization, and all of the other problems to the "man made" theory. Don't take my word for it, read the studies:

This hypothesis was first forwarded in 1997. Why did it take eight years before Dr. Svensmark could gather funding for his relatively simple experiment to prove his thoughts? Leave that to the Conspiracy Theorists... If you can find any.

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