Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amir Sadollah

Is a stud. The guy has had the hardest path to the finals and has come up the better each time.

Gerald Harris: KO (knees)

Matt Brown: Triangle Choke

CB Dollaway: Armbar

Harris was an IFL vet, and a very good wrestler. He won the first round then Amir clobbered him.

Matt Brown was a seasoned vet who was feared by EVERYONE in the house including Amir. Amir went in to that fight thinking he was going to loose. Amir was loosing, and getting his face broken when he managed to hurt Matt, and lock in the choke.

CB was a solid fight who tore through the competition, and was smacking Amir around the ring until Amir caught one of the many armbars that was available to him.

Amir went through the grinder and came out ahead. He earned a fan in me, and I hope he beats CB in the rematch.

On a side note... Why did Tim Credeur not want to tangle with CB on the ground? After watching CB give up so many submissions to Amir, why did Tim's whole game plan not revolve around getting CB to the ground and catching the obviously sloppy CB from guard? Instead you had the BJJ guy wanting to trade with the known scrapper? Not the plan I would have been presenting.

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Daniel said...

Yes CB, it was only one tap, but you still tapped! Matt Meyer is no longer the king sh!t ass kicker. All hair Amir!