Thursday, June 26, 2008

Freedom On The Chopping Block -- DC Gun Ban

Today the Supreme Court will rule on the right that protects all other rights... The right of the people to keep and bare arms.
This is a very important decision for our Republic (not democracy we do not use democracy as our form of government).
Does the Government, Federal, State, or local, have the right to confiscate certain weapons? Today, we find out. Will the Court rule for freedom or will they not?

In true Natto Ninja fashion, here is the card and My Picks:

Cheif Justice John Roberts
Roberts was appointed in 2005 by President George W. Bush. Roberts is a typical "Republican" justice. For the most part he reads and follows the Constitution, but only through the prism past president. Roberts seems to be unwilling to challenge previous court decisions, calling them the "law of the land."
I think that at his core Roberts is a traditionalist, and will support the spirit, and the word of the Constitution. Roberts votes to overturn the ban.

John Paul Stevens
Stevens was appointed by former President Gerald Ford in 1975. Despite being nominated by a conservative Republican President, Stevens is considered some what of a liberal. This may be because of they way he has voted in certain "morality" cases. Stevens, in current times, has voted for free speech, despite the presence of obscenity.
I think that Stevens will read the Constitution on this one. Sevens votes to overturn the ban.

Antonin Scalia
Scalia was appointed by former President Ronald Regan in 1986. Scalia holds nearly all of Regan's philosophies when it comes to the role of the Federal Government. He believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution.
No problems picking this one. Scalia votes to overturn the ban.

Anthony Kennedy
Kennedy was appointed by former President Ronald Regan in 1988. Kennedy was an interesting choice for Regan, after this spot on pick of Antonin Scalia two years before. Kennedy seemed like a traditionalist, but has frequently ruled against freedom and against the Constitution. Kennedy has been known to cite European law as the basis of his decisions.
While Kennedy is a liberal, and a nut job, he has been known to vote on the side of the States on restrictions of Federally protected rights. Therefore, I think that Kennedy votes to uphold the ban.

David Souter
Souter was appointed by former President George Hebert Walker Bush in 1990. Souter was the result of a pre-Gulf War wimp of a President. Bush simply could not stick to his guns like his predecessor Ronald Regan. The result was David Souter a somewhat liberal justice.
Souter often votes with the liberals on the court, but this may be the one time where he breaks ranks. He has voted many times for states rights, but also many times for the power of the Federal Government... I think that Souter votes to overturn the ban.

Clarence Thomas
Thomas was appointed by former President George Herbert Walker Bush in 1991. Thomas asks very few questions during the oral argument phase of a Supreme Court Trial. Instead, he prefers to listen and think. Thomas is very much a traditionalist. He has strong feelings for the Constitution, and, most of the time, votes in favor of the literal interpretation. Thomas votes to overturn the ban.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ginsburg was appointed by former President Bill Clinton in 1993. If Ginsburg has ever read the Constitution, I don't know when. Ginsburg would be more at home in Stalnist Russia than a Justice of SCOTUS. Ginsberg, with out a doubt, will vote to uphold the ban, and then try to confiscate every gun in DC, Maryland and the eastern seaboard personally.

Stephen Breyer
Breyer was appointed by former President Bill Clinton in 1994. Breyer actually wrote a book that, in essence, said that the Constitution was no longer a viable document, and we should look to current social norms to litigate... Yeah. Not what the Framers had in mind. Breyer will vote to uphold the ban.

Samuel Alito
Roberts was appointed in 2006 by President George W. Bush. Alito is the closest thing we have to an originalist on SCOTUS. His vote is a no brainier. Alito votes to overturn the ban.

So we have a vote of 6 to 3. Freedom should carry the day... I hope.

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