Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big John McCarthy to Appear Before ABC

Association of Boxing Commissions that is. To discuss... KNEES TO A GROUNDED OPPONENT!! John is in favor of knees. John is now my new favorite person.

Knees need to be allowed, as right now the lack of them is hurting the action of the sport, and breeding bad habits. The turtle, and the arm head lock has become the defensive positions of choice, as the guy on top has very little to work with. On top guy can not let go of the head and arm lock because the bottom guy will move and take his back, or reshoot. If they are still on their feet, the guy on the bottom knows that the knees are coming, he simply drops to the floor and turtles. With knees now the shot is much more dangerous to throw, as a missed shot means the knees are inescapable.

Knees on the ground also makes the ground game much more exciting to watch. As a guy passes guard, and moves in to side control, he has to work hard to keep his opponent on his back, with knees allowed his goal now becomes to get high on the body and drop knees on to the exposed face of his opponent. The opponent knows this and will work much harder to get out of the bad position. The top guy is not safe either. As Frank Shamrock showed in his DQ loss to Renzo Gracie, the bottom guy can maneuver so that he can land knees to the head of the top guy.

MMA was originally devised as a way to test all skills in a no rules environment. It has "evolved" in to a mess of vague and obscure rules that have been put in by idiots who know little of the sport. Knees on the ground and soccer kicks in Japan have been legal in some of the most competitive, steroid fueled bouts in history. No deaths, no serious injuries. Only good fights.

Go John, go!!

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