Wednesday, July 30, 2008

House Apologizes for Slavery

Fhat the Wuck? The House apologizes for slavery? Were any of the current members involved?

Doesn't the Democrat controlled House have more important things to do? Like restrict personal freedoms, and redistribute wealth?
Normally I would applaud such idiocy from Congress. The more time they spend debating ridiculous crap like this is time that they are not plotting to seize more of my property. Madison would be proud. However this kind of thing is very very dangerous, in that it brings the whole reparations thing back in to question. With a Democrat controlled House and Senate, full of the White Guilt that comes with the party, and a newly elected Democrat President who is desperate to show how black he is, there is a very real possibility that people will be receiving reparation money simply because of the color of their skin. How is that for equality? How is that for judging based on the content of character?

This is what happens in an election year. The moron who proposed this bill, Steve Cohen D-Ten., is a white representative in a primarily black district. He is in a run-off primary fight with a black man. So Cohen needs to show that he "feels the pain" of his constituency and panders to them by coming back to the district to say "I got congress to apologize for slavery!!! What did that guy do for you??"

Re-elect Cohen!! He feels your pain.


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