Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kids Are Fat These Days...

Great googly moogaly... I read this story and thought that the stats they threw around, fewer than 10 percent of high school seniors are fit, sounded about right. Then I saw the requirements... A 10-year-old boy must be able to run a mile in 11 minutes, 30 seconds and do 12 curl-ups, nine trunk-lifts, seven push-ups and an 8-inch sit-and-reach. Ok, a mile in 11 minutes that should be do able. Nine trunk lifts, reverse sit ups, huh? Those are easy, no issue there. You should be able to do seven push ups in your sleep. Eight inch sit and reach??? You mean touch your toes? My 92 year old grandma could do that before she passed, surely a 10 year old boy can. 12 curl-ups? Hummm... What's a curl-up? That must be what they are calling a pull-up that you do with your palms facing towards you. Those are hard! 12 is a tall order. I can maybe bust out twenty, and I think that I am pretty strong, so I can see where most high school seniors would have trouble with that.
Then I looked at the graphic... A curl-up is what I call a stomach crunch. All you need to do is bring your shoulder blades off of the ground twelve freaking times... You don't even have to do a sit up any more. Just a crunch. This is not a fitness test, this is a joke.
If your kid can't do this ridiculous test at age 10, YOU are to blame. Get them off the freaking couch and out side.

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