Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shooting Results

The new Kahr shoots... better than expected.
The recoil was a good deal more controllable than the Taurus, and I got a good grouping right off the bat.

The short barrel makes shots at 25 yards challenging but not impossible. I noticed a good bit of drop, and pulling to the right a bit. A little practice should get me on target very soon.

I took a friend who has not done a lot of shooting with me to the range, and let him blast away with the CW4543. He had only shot a 9mm before, and I was pleased to see him control the much larger round very easily.

All in all I am very pleased with the new gun. It is already worth the extra money I paid for it, simply in the increased confidence I feel in the accuracy, let alone reliability and quality.

I think I finally have a good carry pistol.

The next project is to see if the wife will let me buy a full size pistol for winter, or bag carry... This might take a while.

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