Monday, July 21, 2008

Peruvian Neck-Tie

In case you missed it CB Dollaway on Saturday choked out Jessie Taylor with a Peruvian Neck-Tie. This is a very cool choke made famous by Peruvian Tony DeSouza.

Here are the steps to this choke, brought to you by our good friends at LockFlow
This, like all Martial Arts movements is dangerous. Please do not attempt this choke with out proper supervision.

Step one

Aaron has sprawled against Cole, or Cole has posted his right elbow out to block the Anaconda choke

Step two

Aaron reaches hes left arm under Cole's right armpit

Step three

Aaron spins to the right side of Cole and reaches his arm through to the left side of Cole's neck. (Thumb side toward the neck)

Step four

Aaron grips his palms together, right into left with all five fighers gripping the outside of the hand. Aaron then pulls his right forearm in tight over the back of Cole's head and presses it down to the mat.

Step 5

Keeping pressure on the back of Cole's head Aaron slide to his left and throws his left foot over Cole's right leg - this will be important later to keep Cole from rolling out of the submission

Other View

View from the other side - Notice how Aaron's right knee is outside of Cole's head

Step Six

Aaron leans back and quickly throws the back of his right leg over Cole's head. To get the tap from this choke - Aaron pushes the back of his leg into Cole's head as he pulls his wrist into Cole's throat - creating awesome pressure for the Tapout or pass out!

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