Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Machida -- Karate For MMA

Using one of the few "traditional" styles of Karate, Kyoushikin, Lyoto Machida has become a force in MMA.

Here are some great examples of the techniques that we learned in days gone bye and how an exceptionally gifted practitioner uses them in combat.

Front leg foot sweep:
vs BJ Penn

Back leg foot sweep:
vs Vernon White

vs Nakamura

vs Sokoudjou

"Magic" kick (that is what we called it in TKD):
vs Tito

Double motion round Kick:
vs Tito


Daniel said...

Machida is my #1 man crush. I mean boyfriend. No, wait...

Samuel said...

He does Shotokan Karate, not Kyoushikin or whatever. But anyway, it's still traditional Karate. He's definitely my favorite current fighter though.

Natto Ninja said...

Samuel, you are absolutely right. I saw the Kyokushin style "magic kick" or the Brazil kick that the Brazilian Kyokushin guys do and I assumed. I assumed wrong. My apologies.

Daniel said...

Matt only concedes online, never in person.

Natto Ninja said...

I concede when you have facts to back up your claims. If no facts, no concession!!