Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long Time No Spar

I have been busy lately, and I have not had the chance to get in to the ring in almost two months. Though I have been steadily working on my hand speed and techniques through bag work and shadow boxing, I have not been able to get in to the ring and do some kickboxing. I got the chance yesterday... My head still hurts.

It was a lesson in ring rust. My timing was way off. I could not find a rhythm. My defence was non existent, because, let's face facts here, the bag and your shadow does not hit back. One of my best moves is to catch a jab with my right hand step to an outside angle and drill the leg or the body with a right kick. No freaking dice. Their jabs did a great job of smashing my face.

The jabs were not as bad as the right hands, though. It seemed like my noggin was a chick with a back tattoo and their right hands were drunken idiots at a bar. No matter how many times I said stop, they just kept coming.

The only good part was that I was able to land some nice left leg "magic" kicks to the head, and with me away most of the guys have forgotten how to deal with a spin kick after a low kick misses.
Hopefully I can shake off the rust quickly and get my timing back soon.

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