Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama's Mideast Advisor...

Is actor George Clooney...

Look, I am not one to bring up education or previous jobs and such as qualifications, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both do not have degrees, BUT for Pete's sake could the man listen to somebody who does not play make believe for advice on the Mideast??

The media went nuts when they heard that Nancy Regan occasionally listen to an astrologer, but they give Obama a pass with listening to a... wait forget I said that. Of course the media will give Obama a pass. He would have to do something really off the wall in order to get the media to pay attention to some of his doings. I mean if he had ties to or said he was friends with a terrorist perhaps that would get some attention in the media. Not just any terrorist, I mean a bad one who did something really awful, like bomb the Pentagon or some other... Government... ummm... yeah.

I guess I can live with Clooney as the NSA... At least he is prettier than the last one...

Our next National Security Advisor

Obama's Terrorist Buddy Bill Ayres

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