Friday, August 8, 2008

UFC 87 Seek and Destroy

Ben Saunders Vs. Ryan Thomas
Here we have the up and coming TUF vet Ben Saunders vs the new kid on the block Ryan Thomas... I think Thomas has his work cut out for him. Saunders by KO first round.

Chris Wilson Vs. Steve Bruno
Both guys train at top facilities, Bruno at ATT Wilson at Team Quest. Wilson took Fitch to a decision, so I think that he can solve whatever riddles Bruno can throw at him. Wilson by G&P KO third round.

Andre Gusmao Vs. Jon Jones
Two new guys to the UFC. Andre is an IFL stand out winning all of his fights there. Jon also has an undefeated record, but no big shows on his resume. I think that experience will pay dividends here. Andre by KO.

Cheick Kongo Vs. Dan Evensen
The UFC must really like Cheick after he beat Cro-Cop to feed him a can like Evensen. Kongo by KO first round.

Luke Cummo Vs. Tamdan McCrory
Both guys are coming off of losses in the UFC, but I don't think either one of them is in any danger of going home. Tough call here, but I think that Cummo wins the decision.

Jason MacDonald Vs. Demian Maia
Jason has recovered from his loss to Yushin Okami by knocking out Joe Doerksen. Demian Maia is riding high off of two impressive wins in the UFC.
This fight is very interesting because MacDonald is known as a ground guy, and Maia is nothing else but a ground guy. I think MacDonald would not be very smart to deal with Maia on the ground, but that is definitely where this fight will go eventually. Mia by triangle choke second round.

Manny Gamburyan Vs. Rob Emerson
Manvil the Anvil steps in with fellow TUF alum Rob Emmerson. This fight will follow the template that every other fight that Manny has been in. Takedown pound pound pound. I don't think that Rob has the stuff to keep with Manny, and Manny for sure won't get caught by Rob's unimpressive ground attack. Manny by G&P KO second round.

Kenny Florian Vs. Roger Huerta
Fight of the night! Kenny has been very impressive both on the feet and on the ground. Roger continues to win in impressive fashion. The difference here is that Roger really has not fought the caliber of opponent that Kenny has. If Roger can pull this off, it really boosts his career. Kenny has been training, but he also has been doing his gig for ESPN, teaching seminars, and being overall very busy. Roger has been training. If the schedule has not gotten to Kenny, he should win this one, but if he has neglected his training even just a little bit, Roger will wear him down and win the fight. I think Kenny is good at time management... Kenny by decision.

Brock Lesnar Vs. Heath Herring
Herring by KO first round.

Georges St-Pierre Vs. Jon Fitch
Fitch is the real deal, he has not lost since 2002 and has been very active beating 15 guys in that time frame. GSP looked awesome beating Matt Hughes and then destroying Matt Serra. It could be that he just has something against guys named Matt... Maybe it is because they are so smart, strong, and good looking.
Anyway this fight is against two guys who really have the whole package. They both can stand up, fight on the ground, are good in the clinch, and have very solid wrestling games. I think that GSP is a bit more talented, though. GSP by KO late third, early fourth.

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