Thursday, May 3, 2007

Animal Fighting Gets Felony Status

Today President Bush signed a bill in to law that makes the promotion of animal fights a felony. (;_ylt=Akcohm5S6aKDLa_Ryr.iBE4DW7oF)
Believe you me, they intend to enforce this law. You can bet that as soon as it becomes active, you will have people getting sent up the river for over one year for this crime...

Meanwhile, the flood of illegal aliens in to this country continues unabated. The troops in harm's way do not have the money to carry on the fight. This government cares more for animal fighting while the biggest threats to our security lay open.

Shame. Disgrace.

This government has lost its soul. Animal fighting, for one, is a state issue. There is no reason for federal involvement. If the states want to get tough, let them do it. Animal fighting holds no danger to interstate or international commerce. That does not stop the growing socialist movement.

The nanny state grows.

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