Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day "Immigration" Rallies

Many illegal aliens intend to rally today to protest the cruel, inhumane, laws of the United States of America. Most of these rallies are headed by groups that are simply fronts for the Communist/Socialist movement. It is no accident that May first, the great international holiday for the Communist/Socialist movement, is the chosen date for this.

They support illegal immigration because it drives down the cost of labor, thus making it harder for working people to make ends meet. These people turn to the government for support, and the more people suckling at the teat of government helps the socialist cause. If they don't take support from the government, it breeds anger, and furthers the possibility for socialist upheaval.

As long as the protests are peaceful there will be no arrests. No one will be deported, and no one will sleep tonight in the country of their origin. If there was a large rally of rapists, you can bet the the police would want to be there to make some arrests. Not so with these criminals. I love the constant consistency of the government.

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