Monday, May 7, 2007

Judo Training Day 2

I went to my second practice after missing last week due to a back injury caused by improper form during a hang clean.


I still hurt.

We went through the warm up and started to work uchimata down the mat. We were working on the backward pivot step in to the throw, rather than the forward rotate step we worked on last time.

I got maybe 15 reps in before my phone rang... Saturday was a night full of storms and my basement got very wet. Before Judo I called the carpet cleaners thinking that they would get back to me on Monday, not so. The phone call was from the cleaners saying they could be at my house in a half hour.
So after 15 reps, I had to leave to let the cleaners in to my soggy house... Training is not going well.

I have decided that squat thrusts or "up downs" are a good single person sports specific cardio training for Judo. It teaches a quick sprawl, good for blocking throws, shots, and trains for the worst part of Judo, all of the stupid stand ups.

Tomorrow I will run some drills with my BJJ training partner hopefully I will be able to get 50 (25 per side) reps of uchimata in, with some seoinage reps...

In talking with my coach we decided that my best strategy is to out physical my opponents. Not to aggressively hurt people, but to bring the match to a physical level that my opponent can not sustain. I have the cardio to do this, and it should work for most of my opponents.

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