Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keep 'Em Dumb!!

School choice is the only way to save the failed education system in The United States. The only way. Why? It is the only way to break the strangle hold the Unions have on the schools.

Currently, most government schools are run by the NEA, the teacher's union. The union makes it very VERY difficult to fire teachers, and renegotiates contracts on the teacher's behalf. What this means is that very good teachers can not be adequately rewarded and bad teachers can not be adequately disposed of.

In the working world, in a non-union work place, if I do not do my job, or do my job badly, I am fired as soon as the company notices it. Bad workers poison the workplace, bring the quality of deliverables down, and loose the company money. Companies do not like to loose money so they get rid of the bad employee. No muss, no fuss.
If the employee is very good, the company rewards that worker with raises, benefits, or whatever else the company feels is necessary

Union run schools simply can not fire bad teachers, so the deliverable, an educated child, is not produced. This is the main reason that private schools beat public schools in almost every category. Private schools can easily fire their teachers. They can also reward the teachers that do their jobs exceptionally well. This keeps the best teachers at their schools improving the school's deliverable.

The only way to fix the hopelessly broken American School System is to scrap it completely. Let the private sector take care of schools. There is no mention in the Constitution that says that the government must provide schooling. It is a task best left to the states.

IF you must have some form of government schooling, then school voucher should be implemented. Each child is issued a voucher worth what ever money it costs the taxpayer to school the child. This voucher is then redeemable at any school. Now we have schools that are not run by the government, competing for dollars. This will force the schools to improve their deliverable, or face closure. This means that the union is out on its ear.

The union out on its ear means that they can not collect money for dues, and have a hard time donating to their political causes...

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