Sunday, May 27, 2007

UFC 71 Recap

By all accounts this was a great UFC. Upsets, submissions, knock outs, throws, slams, kicks, punches, and everything else that makes MMA the most exciting and best sport in the world.


Wilson Gouveia def Carmelo Marrero Submission (Guillotine choke) 3:06 rnd 1
My Pick: Gouveia by RNC first round

I got the round, the winner, and the ending, but not the method. Wilson ended this fight with a brutal choke that he locked in from the top of half guard, then finished from mount. Very good showing for the Brazilian.

Din Thomas def Jeremy Stephens Submission (Armbar) 2:44 rnd 2

My Pick: Din by KO second round

I got the round, winner, but not the ending... Din pulled off a picture perfect armbar. When Jeremy went for the slam escape, Din did the correct defense and grabbed Jeremy's leg which made the slam little more than a bump, and actually helped Din get the sweep that sealed in the submission. Jeremy didn't tap, but the ref very wisely called a stop to the fight before Din "took the arm home" with him. Din then called out all boxers everywhere... I love this guy.

Alan Belcher def Sean Salmon Submission (Guillotine choke) 0:53 rnd 1

My Pick: Belcher by decision

Good win for Alan... I think that this loss sends Sean back to the minor leagues.

Thiago Silva def James Irvin TKO (Knee injury) 1:06 rnd 1

My Pick: Silva by RNC first round

A locked knee and a strong double leg takedown just does not mix... James tears his ACL and looses by injury.

Kalib Starnes def Chris Leben Decision

My Pick: Chris by KO first round

Kalib showed renewed heart and very good grappling to get the decision over the very tough Chris. Chris gassed in the first round and kept going on will alone. He is tough, but not tough enough not to work on cardio...

Houston Alexander def Keith Jardine TKO (Strikes) 0:48 rnd 1

My Pick: Jardine by KO first round

Ummm... Wow. Houston destroyed Keith. Destroyed him. Iced him. KTFOed him... Wow. Omaha gets its first win in the UFC since Steve Jennum.

Terry Martin def Ivan Salaverry TKO (Strikes) 2:04 rnd 1

My Pick: Ivan by RNC middle of the third round

Ivan got slammed on his shoulder in the first round ending the fight for him. Terrible ending for someone of Ivan's talent, and I hope the UFC honors the last fight on his bought out WFA contract.

Karo Parisyan def Josh Burkman Decision

My Pick: Karo by decision

Not much surprise here. Karo needs to work on his ground fighting. He does a great job of getting guys on the ground, but a terrible job of keeping them there. Karo can't finish a fight to save his live, but he wins, and that is what counts.

Quinton Jackson def Chuck Liddell KO (Punches) 1:53 rnd 1

My Pick: Rampage by decision!!

Chuck made a couple of huge mistakes. First, he underestimated Rampage's hand speed. This is understandable, Chuck has not faced anyone with Rampage's hand speed since... well since he faced Rampage last time. Second, Chuck reached way out for a body punch that left his chin wide open to Rampage's quick right hook. Chuck's game plan was sound, drive Rampage's high guard down with attacks to the body then hit the open head. His execution was off and he paid for it.

Very good show!!!

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