Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hillary Likes Her Gulfstreams

Hilliary Clinton, front runner for the Democrats, likes her Gulfstream aircraft... But not just any Gulfstreams, very specific Gulfstreams.
On a recent trip to South Carolina Hill boarded a Gulfstream II:

She used that aircraft to fly to SC, then back to Washington. She then sent that airplane, with out passengers, back to SC to wait for her.
The next day she used a Hawker 800:

to fly back to SC. She then left in the Gulfstream II, heading back to Washington. She was supposed to fly to California, after some business in Washington, in the same Gulfstream. She sent the Gulfstream II away stating that she did not like the cabin configuration. A Gufstream III:

was then brought in to replace the Gulfstream II that she rejected.

The Gulfstream II could easily have made the trip, but the Gulf III was called for. This airplane is bigger, faster and can cary more passengers.

I have no problem with people who pay for private aircraft switching airplanes. They pay for it, it is their prerogative. The thing is that Hillary is not paying for these airplanes. Her campaign is. Those little socialists out there who give their government allocated funds to her are paying for it.
If this was the first time something like this happened, we could just give her a pass, however this is just another incident in a long string of travel issues and expenses that Hillary racks up using other's money. I won't even mention the hypocrisy of her Green agenda.
How can she claim to be fiscally responsible, when she throws this kind of money around?

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