Friday, December 21, 2007

The Canidates

I won't talk about the Democrats. The are all vying for who can create the most socialist USA they can, remove us from the Terror War, and tax business to the point that they kill the economy... Which is what they want. They want to point to the economic slow down and say this is what you get when business rules the economy. They can then take over more aspects of the private sector under the guise of "helping" people. I would vote for RINO Chuck Hagle for president before ever considering a Democrat/Socialist.

ANYWAY, the Republican race is shaping up to be a very interesting race. Rudy was thought to be the man to beat, but now it looks as if Mit Romney and Mike Huckabee will fight it out for the nomination.

I will put the individual candidate’s views on the issues I fee are most important. This is my blog, if you want the issues that are most important to you, get your own blog.

Rudy Giuliani

Guns: Not very friendly. He would probably not sign the universal CCW Reciprocation.
Government Spending: Cut spending and institute levels of accountability
Terror War: Kick Ass Terror Warrior
FairTax: No
Over all Tax Policy: Cut taxes
Type of Supreme Court: Similar to John Roberts
Airport User Fees:
Illegal Immigration: Create tamper free ID cars for workers. Build fence. Illegal's children should go to school. *SOFT*

I really like Rudy as a person, but I really do not like him as a candidate. However; his Christmas ad got to show off his fun, warm fuzzy side. He should be using that much more often, because that ad really appealed to me.
I think that Rudy is too soft on illegals, and I hate the fact that he is so unfriendly to gun ownership. I really REALLY hate how he crtizies the FairTax with arguments that show that he really is not a very critically thinking guy (he says that he does not support the FairTax because he does not want to take away a person's tax deduction on their mortgage interest... how do you get a deduction if you don't pay income tax??????? THINK RUDY!!).

Mike Huckabee

Guns: Awesome. Huckabee is an advocate of CCW, and would sign the universal CCW Reciprocation. He is on record as saying the 2nd Amendment is about freedom, not hunting.
Government Spending: Cut spending, remove IRS, and balance the budget
Terror War: Moderate Terror Warrior. Stay in Iraq and win, but he really does not want to pursue.
FairTax: Publicly supports and defends the FairTax. This is in his platform as his major tax reform.
Over all Tax Policy: FairTax Now!!
Type of Supreme Court: Similar to John Roberts
Airport User Fees:
Illegal Immigration: Send current illegals home, but they can stay if they admit they are illegal and pay fine. He says "seal" the border, but does not really have a way to do it. Overall position is the normal Republican line.

Comments: Huckabee talks a good game, and most of his views are in line with mine. However he wears his Christianity like a badge. I don't think he is any less Christian than Bush, but I don't like the cracks that he has made about Mit Romney. I think that he believes in freedom of religion... as long as you are a Baptist.
He has not practiced what he preached when it comes to the illegals, AND the NEA endorsement really freaks me out.

Duncan Hunter

Guns: He was rated A+ by the NRA, but it is not sure that he would vote for the universal CCW Reciprocation.
Government Spending: Balance budget, cut spending, but not military spending, blah blah blah.
Terror War: Victory in Iraq, work with other nations on the rest of the Terror War.
FairTax: He is a sponsor of the FairTax. Would sign if it came to his desk.
Over all Tax Policy: Cut taxes to build revenue.
Type of Supreme Court: Similar to John Roberts
Airport User Fees:
Illegal Immigration: Build a fence. Rated 100% by FAIR.

Comments: I don't know much about Duncan Hunter other than Ann Coulter thinks he is the end all be all of Republican candidates. He supports the FairTax, but he is not an advocate.

John McCain

Guns: Not very friendly. Supports bans on certain types of "assault" weapons. "Guns are a problem."
Government Spending: Big advocate of cutting spending.
Terror War: Awesome kick ass, be all end all of Terror Warriors.
FairTax: Opposed to FairTax.
Over all Tax Policy: Same system we have now, but flatter.
Type of Supreme Court: Similar to John Roberts
Airport User Fees:
Illegal Immigration: SOFT. He worked with Ted Kennedy to get the amnesty bill out.

Comments: I have a real problem with John McCain. I see him as the guy whose name is on the biggest assault on the First Amendment in our history. He would be a good fiscal conservative, but he would not be a guy I could ever vote for.

Ron Paul

Guns: Reasonably pro gun, but I am not sure he would sign the universal CCW Reciprocation, but not because he is anti-CCW. He would not sign on a state's rights basis.
Government Spending: CUT ALL SPENDING!!! Cut all programs that are not specifically mandated by the Constitution.
Terror War: Declare war or get out.
FairTax: Supports FairTax in spirit, but has not come out and said he supports it. He wants to phase out the IRS.
Over all Tax Policy: CUT TAXES!!!
Type of Supreme Court: Similar to John Roberts
Airport User Fees:
Illegal Immigration: Open borders.

Comments: I really want to like Ron Paul. He is as close to a legitimate Libertarian you will ever get running. I just cannot support him on his open border, and total contempt for the Terror War. It breaks my heart, but until we realize that Iran, Syria, and Saudi Ariba are going to have to be pacified, we need to have a policy of bringing the fight to the terrorists.

Mitt Romney

Guns: Not friendly. He says he supports the Second Amendment, but supports weapons bans and the Brady Bill.
Government Spending: CUT Spending.
Terror War: Luke warm. He is for winning in Iraq, but pulling back after that. He would let lawyers decide if it is ok to prosecute terrorists in other countries.
FairTax: Does not support. He says that there are serious "issues" with it.
Over all Tax Policy: Cut taxes, blah blah blah. Same socialist tax system as now.
Type of Supreme Court: Similar to John Roberts
Airport User Fees:
Illegal Immigration: Semi-Solid. Create "Z" visa for illegals already here. "Secure" the border.

Comments: Mit is better than McCain, but not by much. He does not like guns, the FairTax, and he is non-committal on border fences. I could sort of live with him as president, but I am not sure... He is a good general election Candidate.

Fred Thompson

Guns: Awesome. He is pro-CCW, and is even on record as saying that the VT shooting could have been stopped if students were packing.
Government Spending: Cut Spending.
Terror War: Solid Terror Warrior
FairTax: Non-committal, but favorable.
Over all Tax Policy: Most favorable to a flat tax.
Type of Supreme Court: Similar to John Roberts
Airport User Fees:
Illegal Immigration: Pro fence. Says that he does not support amnesty, but says that we can't just throw out current illegals. Overall Solid, but kind of mushy.

Comments: Fred is a good candidate, but what the hell is with his campaign?? He has less of a campaign than Hunter! The only reason people know about him is because he was an actor. If he is serious about winning the election he needs to get in to gear!!

I am really not excited about any of the candidates. All have their issues, and all are from the hated Baby Boomer generation. As with most their age they are enamored with Socialism, and want to remake the US in that image.
Overall, I am torn between Huckabee and Thompson. They are the best of the worst. I guess that unless Huckabee does anything stupid I will vote for him, knowing full well that an Obama or a Clinton will kick the crap out of him in the general election.

For all the issues, and the stances that ALL of the canidates are taking

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