Monday, December 24, 2007

Flying Again!

Not really the airplane, but one that is the same year and model.

It turns out that my dad thought that I wanted him to fly to me on Christmas Eve. I clarified to him that, since I would be coming to the farm for Christmas anyway, I wanted to meet him at OFK to get a little flight in. He thought that would be fine, and I snuck out of work so that I could meet him for the flight.
My sister was riding back to the farm with me, and, since she had never flown in dad's airplane, she decided to come along with us.

We didn't go anywhere this time out. We decided that since it was cold, we did not want to tempt fate and possibly have engine starting trouble on some lonely airport somewhere.

The weather was awesome. Not a cloud in the sky and winds that hung around 3mph, right down good old runway 19.

Not really runway 19, but a winter runway...

We took off and just kind of puttered around flying over the farm, and over some towns along the way.

We came back to OFK, and I made the landing that I have been waning to make all summer. A very nice smooth touchdown, even my sister said it was awesome!

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