Friday, December 28, 2007

How To Carry??

"How to carry?" that is the question.
Right now, I really don't have much of a problem. It is winter time and we ware more clothing than we would in the summer the MillPro PT145 fits very nicely in my very cheap Inside the Waist Band holster. I made sure to get one that has the bottom sewn shut so that I can slip it in to my coat, or in to some other pocket.

The summer may be more problematic... I like cargo shorts, so ideally I would carry there with a pocket holster. Another option would be to use the IWB holster and simply wear a belt. I tend to wear fitted T-shirts in the summer, to show off my Adonis like body, so I am afraid that the gun may "print."

I have been looking around and I found some possibilities.
First, because all of my shorts have deep pockets or cargo pockets, we have the
DeSantis Nemesis.

This has a "sticky" outside that adheres the holster to your pocket so that the draw is easy and smooth.
An issue with pocket holsters are that you will have a bulging pocket where ever you go. Another is that in a cargo pocket, like where I would put it, the pocket has a tendency to smack the leg a lot when walking/running.

This is a IWB model, the Comp-Tac Shirt Tucker

I like this model because it sits a bit deeper than the traditional IWB models, but not so deep as to mess with the draw.
Comp-Tac uses plastics instead of Leather, so they are more rigid, and easier to draw and return, but they also could cause skin issues...

This is a traditional leather IWB holster from Bianchi; with an extra piece of leather to help keep the pistol from digging in to your side. It could also be used as a pocket holster.

I really like the look of this model, but again the problems with printing, however with the extra leather there is no danger of skin issues or chafing by the butt of the gun.

From there we move in to a deep IWB model, the Alessi Ghost.

This would seemingly be an ideal solution, there is no danger of printing. However, with this model, you have a problem with the draw. Because your weapon sits so low you may have issues with the handle catching on your pants. Bad news if you have to draw quickly.

After that we get in to the down right strange, this is SmartCarry.

Be sure you click on the link and go to the Photo's section to see how this is worn... You will be glad you did.
Despite the strangeness, they really did come up with a good idea here. There is no restricted movement with this holster the draw is fairly straight forward, and you could conceal a small shotgun with it... or just a full sized Colt 1911. The main issue is that you MUST be standing in order to draw from this holster.

My top three are the Nemesis, the Ghost and the Bianchi.


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