Saturday, December 1, 2007

Two More CCW to Consider

As I poke around the small frame pistol market I have found two more that have caught my eye.

Kahr PM4543

Weight: 17.3 oz
Capacity: 7
Lenghth: 5.67"
Price: $814

Springfield Armory Sub Compact 3"

Weight: 26 oz
Capacity: 10
Length: 6.25"
Price: $500

I have to admit that the first time I held the Kahr, it felt like a toy gun. It is extreamly light weight. The overall feel of it told me that I could not fire very many rounds through it. In talks with my local gun dealer, and Internet research told me that the pistol is very durable and relyable. I just have to get used to new materials. Steal is no longer the material of choice. Ceramics and carbon fiber have become the strong light weight frames of most of the pistols I am looking at. None have taken it to the extreme of the Kahr, but all encorportate some of the new stuff... All but the Colt that is.

The Springfield XD is the only one I am looking at that is not a .45ACP. It fires a .40 round. I am unfamiliar with this round, but my cop buddies say that it has the stopping power of the .45, with out the size. Smaller means you can fit more rounds in to the magazine. However when I asked if they would give up their .45s for a new .40 they looked at me like I was from another planet.

Other good news is that the gun dealers I talked to said that they would be willing to buy my Smith if it was in good condition. I think that it is... I clean it after every time I shoot it, and wipe it down every other week or so. It looks just like when I bought it some 9 or so years ago. I think that I can get at least $100 for it, any more is gravy.

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