Monday, April 21, 2008

Double Standard??

I have a dream too... It is the same dream.

We all know who Jeremiah Wright is... If you don't know, you should. He is the pastor of Barack Obama's church.

I don't care what church you go to. It doesn't matter to me which invisible man you pray to. I don't even care what your pastor/preacher/priest/imam/Rabi/whatever says during your service or lack there of. I don't care. Spout out that you hate this kind of people, or that you wish that kind of people would die, or that you think that you should all go to South America and drink Kool-Aid laced with poison. I don't care.

The First Amendment says that you can do that. As long as you do not restrict my rights, go right ahead.

The double standard starts when you listen to what the Reverend Wright has to say. There can be no other descriptor than to call the man a racist. Not just a mild racist that simply makes jokes about other races that can be taken the wrong way, but the bad kind of racist that would wear a sheet on his head if he was a different color.

That said, according to Obama's tax return, released by his campaign, he gave Wright's church $26,000 last year. That is a large chunk of change.

IF John McCain or some other white politician gave $26K to some white supremacist church, what would the media and the country say? What would be the outrage be?

For the Untied States to put racism behind it, for us to live in a color blind world, ALL forms of racism must be put in the past. We must rid ourselves of all special attention for any race. We must ensure that people are not "judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

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