Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Spring Break - Day Five

Our last full day in the Dominican Republic. Not much to tell for this day. We slept late, and made it to the beach about 11am. It was kind of a windy day that day with lots of clouds, so it was a bit chilly. You are exposed on the beach, so we decided to go to the pool where it was protected from the wind.
After looking around for a while at all of the pools we could not find any chairs. This kind of disappointed us, so we decided to head back to the room for a little nap. While we were there, it started to rain. Good news for us, because when we left the room a few minutes later, when the rain stopped, all of the people had cleared out of the pool chairs!

We grabbed two, got some drinks and just chilled out.

One of the small pools at the resort... I got my first swim up bar drinks here.

The big pool at the resort. We hung out the last day right next to the first bridge on the left.

After a while at the pool the sun came out in full. We moved back to the beach, because that was the real reason we were there in the first place. We jumped in to the ocean and body surfed for a while. We then took a nice afternoon nap on the beach chairs.

That night we had reservations at the new Dominican restaurant. We were a bit wary because of our not so great experience at the Japanese restaurant. The restaurant was in the Dominican style of just having a palm leaf roof. There were no walls, it was open on all four sides. The evening was nice and warm though, and a nice sea breeze kept everything cool and fresh. We ordered the Dominican style lobster, and settled down to have some of the native appetizers. Everything was AWESOME! The lobster came in a garlic and tomato sauce. It was great. The meal turned out to be one of the best meals we have had in a long time.

We left just in time to catch the show. Then turned in, we were to leave the next morning.

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