Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Concealed Carry Options

As more and more people go to work civilian jobs in combat zones, the need for concealed carry becomes more and more important.

Fortunately companies have stepped up, as they always do where there is a chance to make some money.

Here are some new cool ways to pack with out having to pack on your person. Why us a bag? You can carry a full size weapon, and 6 reload mags in the middle of summer without worrying if your shorts will fall off from the extra weight.


This is perhaps the coolest and most innovative company to come around in a while. They deal exclusively in bag concealed carry platforms.

Gearslinger Monsoon

This is a great idea that combines the backpack hydration unit, the single strap back pack AND the CCW platform.
The weapon pouch is situated just behind the user, so pulling the weapon is easy.

What a wonderful product! It comes in several different colors, and can be worn anywhere with out suspicion. The drawbacks? It costs $150 with all of the accessories.

Gearslinger Remora

More like a man bag, this is a smaller bag that is, in my opinion, more conspicuous than the Monsoon, but still very nice.

It has a belt loop on the back of it so that it can be secured to the belt for faster, easier weapon deployment.
Again it is pricey... $100.


I was surprised to see a major mainstream company like Camelbak have CCW options. But as I thought about it, they supply the U.S. Military with their hydration packs, why not add a pocket for a pistol??

Camelbak Goblin

Really, this is just a play on the old fanny pack CCW platform. Because it has the hydration piece, though, people will look past it.
Kind of weird looking though... $60.

Camelbak Demon

Very cool idea, BUT you would actually have to take the backpack off to pull the weapon. It is less a CCW platform, and more of a backpack with a special pocket for a gun. I would like to see one of these up close to really make a determination. What is nice about it is that the holster for your pistol is built in, not an add on option like the Gearslingers.
Comes in at $120 to $150.

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