Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Spring Break - Day Three

We were excited for day three to begin, because first we were going to the beach. Then we were going to the Marinarium to snorkel with the Sting Rays and the Nurse Sharks. After that we were going to have dinner in the Hotel's Japanese restaurant. We decided that, if we felt like it, after the Marinarium we were going to hang out in one of the hotels awesome swimming pools, and I was going to get my first drink ever from a swim up bar. It was going to be a great day!

We started out at the beach, jumping in to the water, then just hanging out in the beach chairs. Me reading a book, the wife dozing beside me. In other words exactly what I wanted to accomplish on this trip.
After lunch we met with the bus that would take us to the Marinarium. The bus ride was long, nearly an hour on endless bumpy roads. We both took naps on the way there.

We got to the place and boarded the boat. The boat was glass bottomed catamaran with two decks. We went up to the upper deck and sat out in the sun. We soon came up to the place where we would be snorkeling. The boat really did not go out very far.

We swam around for about 20 minutes looking at the reefs and the small fish that live in that environment.
After that we were let in to the roped off area where the Sting Rays and the Nurse Sharks were. Both Sting Rays and Nurse Sharks are bottom feeders, so they are absolutely harmless, but the rays have had their stingers removed, just in case.

From there we got back on the boat and the boat took us to a calm little cove where you could get out and swim, and they served drinks on the boat's life preservers. Our boat played Bob Marley music, so it was awesome all around.

We got back to the shore and were taken back to the hotel. The bus' air conditioner was running the whole way and it got really cold in the bus... Kind of a bummer after such a nice trip.

We arrived at the hotel, and went straight to the pool. I swam up to the bar and ordered a Blue Hawaii... Not sure what was in it, but it tasted good.
We got out a while later and cleaned up, ready for our restaurant experience.

I am not really going to say much about the Japanese restaurant... It was a teppenyaki style place, but the chef really did not get the concept of making the preparation of the food a show. On top of that, the food was not any different from what was served in the buffet... We left kind of disappointed, because our expectations were so high.

From there we went to the show. We were excited for this show because it was their Tribute to Michael Jackson. It turned out to be a lot of fun. The dancers did very good impressions of Mr. Jackson, they played all of Jackson's hits, and even did an elaborate Thriller with break dancing zombies. We laughed we cried, we wondered why MJ wanted all that plastic surgery.
We went to bed wanting to get some sleep, because tomorrow we would go on the highly recommended Outback Safari tour to see the "real" Dominican Republic.

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