Sunday, April 20, 2008

UFC 83 Recap

The UFC put on a great show! A good card and lots of good fights.

Jonathan Goulet def Kuniyoshi Hironaka TKO (Punches) 2:07 rnd 2
My Pick: Hironaka by decision
Bad start..
This was a very entertaining fight that I am very glad the UFC decided to show. Goulet had Hironaka in a bad way, then Hironaka was able to reverse it, and knock Goulet to the ground. If the round had been five seconds longer Hironaka would have gotten the stoppage, but it wasn't to be, and Goulet was able to finish him on the feet.

Cain Velasquez def Brad Morris TKO (Strikes) 2:10 rnd 1
My Pick: Morris by KO first round
Even worse...

Rich Clementi def Sam Stout Decision (Split)
My Pick: Stout by decision
Somebody stop the bleeding!!!

Demian Maia def Ed Herman Submission (Triangle Choke) 2:27 rnd 2
My Pick: Maia by RNC second round
Maia gets another submission of the night... I am glad that this time it did not involve my friend... Anyway Maia looks to be a man on a mission in the middleweight division! He caught Ed in a Triangle Choke from the mount position and hammered him with punches until Ed went out and the ref stopped the fight.

Jason Day def Alan Belcher TKO (Punches) 3:58 rnd 1
My Pick: Day by decision.
Not by decision, but he takes the win.

Jason MacDonald def Joe Doerksen TKO (Strikes) 0:54 rnd 2
My Pick: Joe by decision.
Jason must be better than I thought... Or Joe has not been working on his stand up again.

Mac Danzig def Mark Bocek Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 3:48 rnd 3
My Pick: Danzing by KO first round
Bocek was more game than I thought. He really gave a good showing in the first round, but began to wear down in the second. He was spent in the third and Mac really beat him up.

Michael Bisping def Charles McCarthy TKO (Arm injury) 5:00 rnd 1
My Pick: The Count by KO second round
Bisping looked really good at 185. His knees were rapid fire and very effective.

Nathan Quarry def Kalib Starnes Decision (Unanimous)
My Pick: Nate by KO second round
Nate came to fight, but Kalib came to run. Kalib got beat up and then put his running shoes on and ran away from Nate the rest of the fight. Nate's Muay Thai really looked good. He punished Kalib's leg to the point where Kalib had to switch stance to protect his left leg.
Nate did get a record last night, though... the very first 30-24 score card.

Rich Franklin def Travis Lutter TKO (Strikes) 3:01 rnd 2
My Pick: Rich by KO first round.
Rich had no respect for Lutter at all. Not on the ground, not standing up. Rich beat up Lutter in Lutter's guard, but really took it to him standing. Travis could not secure the single leg takedown; exactly what Franklin wanted. Travis gassed in the early second, and Rich stared the beat down.
Travis did have some offence though, he locked in a good armbar in the first round, and he almost had the tap. He did not get the thumb in the correct position, though, and Rich was able to roll out of it.

Armbar attempt.

The end is near...

Georges St. Pierre def Matt Serra TKO (Knees to body) 4:45 rnd 2
My Pick: GSP by KO very quickly first round
Georges wanted to beat on Matt Serra for a while, so no KO in the first round, but the KO happened in brutal fashion with a Matt Serra on all fours as GSP threw knee after brutal knee in to Matt's liver.
Good win, and I don't think that anybody will be challenging for the Welterweight belt for some time.

I go 7 for 11 on my triumphant return.

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