Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who Are These Guys?

Do the names Charles Guiteau or Leon Czolgosz ring a bell?

How about faces:

Charles Guiteau

Leon Czolgosz

What about John Wilkes Booth? Or Lee Harvey Oswald?


My wife and I have a place-mat with all of the U.S. presidents on them. On the back it gives a bit of information about each president. I knew that Presidents Garfield, Lincoln, McKinley, and Kennedy were all assassinated. I could name John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald as assassins of Lincoln and Kennedy respectably, but I could not name the assassins of McKinley nor Garfield. I could name why Lincoln and Kennedy were shot (Lincoln was shot because Booth was still fighting the Civil War, and thought that if Lincoln was dead the south would rise up and beat the north back. Kennedy was shot because Oswald wanted to be remembered though out history as a great Marxist hero.)
What about Garfield and McKinley? Why were they shot? Why have they been forgotten while Kennedy and Lincoln stand as American martyrs?

I am going to look in to these two lesser known assassinations. Why? Because I want to know more about the deeds, the men killed, and the killers.


Tool said...

charley guiteau never heard never or heard the word no. when faced with disaster his heart would beat faster, his smile would just grow.

czolgosz, angry man. born in the middle of michigan. woke with a thought and away he ran to the pan american exposition in buffalo.

Tool said...
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