Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Spring Break - Day Two

We woke up late and went to a very nice buffet breakfast. There were several stations set up for custom making eggs, crepes, and pancakes, so everybody found something good.

After breakfast we went to a scheduled orientation meeting with our Apple Vacation representative. His name was Angle and kept telling us to just relax and let him know about any troubles we may have. We are on vacation, let him deal with problems, he was an Angle on our shoulder. Ha. Ha.
Angle told us where everything was, then let us know about some tours that were available if we wanted to get off of the resort. He recommended two that sounded good to us the Marinarium and the Outback Safari tour. We signed up for them and went off to relax at the beach. Umm... That kind of ends day two. We went to dinner and lunch, but mostly we hung out at the beach drinking Pina Colattas.

Just off the coast of the beach, however is a very interesting sight. A large rusting shipwreck is visible seemingly run aground on the reefs.

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From the satellite

From the beach.

We wondered what it was all about, and found out later that it was a ship that was scuttled there to give Punta Cana some extra scuba diving tourism. It is a wreck in shallow water that is good for beginner divers to get some wreck diving experience.
It made for a very interesting addition to a beautiful view.

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