Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Friend Fights on Friday

In Hawaii.

Chad left MAMA to work out with various people around the country. I wish him well, and hope that he makes it back someday... Chad is one of those guys who trains with huge intensity, and brings up the level of the guys around him. He is that way now, I should say. He was a bit of a spaz when I first met him. He is always fun to train with and to talk to, so I guess I just miss the guy.

I am kind of concerned about him, though. He had a tough fight in England on 4/19 against Dan Hardy. Dan knocked Chad out in the second round. It was a reasonably bad KO, and I hope that Chad has had time to heal. Fighting too quickly after a KO is not good. In order to prepare for this fight Chad would have had to get back in to training, meaning hard sparring, as soon as he got back from the UK.
You can seen in this picture that Chad was cut over his left eye in the Hardy fight.

You can also see the remnants of that cut in this shot taken at the X-1 press conference yesterday.

That cut is in a bad place, and does not seem healed to me. The good news is that the guy Chad is fighting, Brandon Wolf, comes from a gym that is mostly known for its ground game. Hopefully Brandon will fight like team mate Anthony Torres of TUF fame, and want to get this fight to the ground as soon as he can.
Chad is at home on the ground, will absorb less punishment, and can protect his cut.

Good luck Chad!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Chad from the guys at Cage Warriors