Friday, May 30, 2008

Previously Uncontacted Tribe Photographed

Holy freaking cow!! There are actually uncontacted tribes in the Amazon. I am fascinated by this. I never expected that in 2008 there would be tribes in the Amazon that have never had contact with the outside world...

Have they just never felt the need to take a long walk? Can they take a long walk? Are they so isolated that they can not get to a town?

I know very little about this part of the world, I know Brazil is very big, but I thought we cut down all of the rain forest in the '80s. No? That didn't happen? What about the whales, we killed all of those off right?

It seems so fantastic. One side of me says just leave them alone and let's study them from afar. Another side of me wants to march right up to them and talk to them. Another side of me wants to drop them a crap ton of IPods...

I like the communal living arrangements.

YEAH!!! Shoot that helicopter down, brother!!! These are my kind of people!!

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