Friday, May 23, 2008

New Clubs!

My wonderful Ninja wife has allowed me to purchase some new golf clubs. She even went so far as to come with me to buy them. Wife = Awesome!!

After hitting several brands, it became obvious which clubs best suited my game...

The Adams Golf A30S:

My set has steel shafts, my wonderful wife had me hit both steel and graphite sets to make sure that we had the best set for me.
Apparently, the graphite shafts help out by giving greater distance with slower club head speed but you sacrifice accuracy. These shafts help out people with a slow swing, like seniors.
I was glad that the steel worked best for me, because they cost about $150 less than the graphite.

This is my first attempt at buying a golf game, and I think that won't be my last...

I have a nice golf weekend planed with the new sticks, I hope to be golfing 18 on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, though it looks like my Saturday and Monday games are in trouble. My golf partner, and host, for those days may be ditching the games for some family obligations.

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