Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain's Speech

McCain did a lot of things that I expected, and a bunch of things I did not.

I expected him to make some sort of "nice guy" message to Obama. This is in line with his change of image that he has been going through the last few years. The people viewed him as a guy with an out of control temper, and it hurt him in the 2000 election. He wants his image to be that of a steel hard kindly grandfather. He is actually starting to pull it off too. Any way he said something like Good work Obama, you are a good competitor. blah blah blah

He then started to paint a picture of the USA as not doing very well these days. Saying "These are tough times for many of you. You're worried about keeping your job or finding a new one, and are struggling to put food on the table and stay in your home." No. I don't believe that. With 5.7% unemployment, only 0.7% above full employment, you would have to be hiding in your room, under your bed, with a blanket over you not to find a job. Work is there, you just have find it.

He talked about tax cuts and keeping spending low... I will believe that when I see it. That was essentially what GWB said when he gave his first acceptance speech. I don't see McCain being any different on the spending front, as he is even more likely to go along with the Socialists and their invasive, liberty stealing government programs.

He brought up the fact that he will be very hawkish on our enemies. This I am sure of.

What he did that I did not expect is that his speech tugged on the heart strings of anybody who loves their country. I knew that he would talk of his POW experience. I thought that he would speak of it like he has in the past. The badge of honor he wore for his country. He did in a way, but this time it was different... He said this after describing the offer of the Vietnamese to let him go because of who his father was:
A lot of prisoners had it worse than I did. I'd been mistreated before, but not as badly as others. I always liked to strut a little after I'd been roughed up to show the other guys I was tough enough to take it. But after I turned down their offer, they worked me over harder than they ever had before. For a long time. And they broke me.

When they brought me back to my cell, I was hurt and ashamed, and I didn't know how I could face my fellow prisoners. The good man in the cell next door, my friend, Bob Craner, saved me. Through taps on a wall he told me I had fought as hard as I could. No man can always stand alone. And then he told me to get back up and fight again for our country and for the men I had the honor to serve with. Because every day they fought for me.

Holy freaking crap. If that does not pull at your heart strings, and get you a little choked up, you are an America hating robot.

Next he said:
I'm not running for president because I think I'm blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed me to save our country in its hour of need. My country saved me. My country saved me, and I cannot forget it. And I will fight for her for as long as I draw breath, so help me God.

Wow. Powerful stuff. I expected him to mention his service, but that love of country stuff is really good.

BUT, after you get past the emotion and look at the speech, it is just more rhetoric. Very good mind you, but just words. There was very little in the way of specific plans, or new directions. It was a good speech, but it is not what I am looking for. If you love this country so much, why did you injure it so by essentially crossing out the first amendment with your campaign finance reform bill? If you want to keep this country safe so much, why did you put together such a horrible bill on illegal emigration? If you want this country to succeed financially so much, why did you put forth such an economically crippling environmental bill?

John McCain is a much better man than I. But he needs to answer questions about how he has targeted liberty, and eroded freedom.


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