Friday, February 13, 2009

Are We Under Attack??

According to Bennie Thompson the House Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Chinese government and freelance hackers are to blame for most of the attacks on U.S. Government computers.
What is going on here? Are we attacking their computers too? Are they testing our security so that it can be exploited in front of a violent attack? Is Chinese security so bad that sophisticated hackers are simply originating their attacks from Chinese servers?

Usually, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and speaks Mandarin it is a Chinese duck looking to pull your electronic infrastructure down in preparation for an attack.
Don't freak out. Any prudent military would be working on similar tactics and maneuvers. We have plans to attack China. We have plans that detail defencive and offencive maneuvers if Poland invades Germany. Any prudent military would too.
BUT this constant probing is the same as if North Korea constantly shot at US troops... bad example. It is the same as if the Mexican government allowed its citizens to cross the U.S. Border unimpeded... bad example.
Anyway it is the same as a physical attack, and it is interesting to see that neither the Bush or the Obama administration are doing virtually nothing about it.

If your neighbor kept trying to break in to your house how many times would you let it happen before you did something about it?


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