Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

God doesn't care that you have dirt on your forehead, actually he does. There is a reason that acne shows up a few days after Ash Wednesday.
If you want to wear dirt on your head as a sign of your religous practices, don't get upset when I put up my 50 foot penis statue as a sign of mine.

God doesn't care what you eat, if he does he shows it in other ways, like throwing up, intestinal blockage, or death.

God doesn't care if you go to church today, yesterday, or any other day.

God doesn't care if, where, or what church I go to, today, yesterday, or any other day. So don't ask me when I am going, where I am going, or what denomination I am.

Remember that religion is a construct of man, not God, so going to church, eating habits, or dirt on your forehead was something that some uptight old zealot thought might be cool several thousand years ago. Yes, Christianity borrows heavily from many other older religions, so several thousand years not just a couple.


Daniel said...

My God isn't short of cash, mister.


Natto Ninja said...

Don't get me started on the whole money for salvation thing.