Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barack Obama = Genius

I missunderestimated President Obama. The guy is a damn genius. He said that his stimulus package would have NO EARMARKS! And he was absolutely right. There are no earmarks, the pork is written right in to the bill.

But that kind of semantic gymnastics is not why he is a genius. His genius comes from the question he was asked last night, something along the lines of, What about all of the pork in the bill Mr. President? His answer? It isn't pork, it is stimulus for local areas.

Holy crap. Why had no one else thought of that? You could write, and they have, anything you wanted in to the bill and call it "stimulus." Habitat for Polar Bears? Stimulus. Bridge to an island that the residents don't want and don't need? Stimulus. Water park for the small town where the swimming pool failed? Stimulus. It is political genius.

Bravo Mr. President. My hat is off to you. You handled this perfectly.


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Daniel said...

Don't forget about what is happening in our parallel universe...

McCain has suffered a fatal heart attack from all the stress and Sarah Palin has assumed control. The stimulus package is just that - all federal funding is going to Alaskan adult toy manufacturing. And the building of helicopters, rifles, and bullets.

Hey, maybe that's not so bad...