Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exactly What I Was Talking About

When I said that I hope.

Elwin Wilson was a racist. So much so that he took it upon himself to beat up those who challenged his view of the way the races should act.

John Lewis was a young civil rights leader. He was challenging Jim Crow.

The two met in 1961. Wilson was part of a gang (of course, many of these types are gutless morons who need the comfort of like minded others to commit their heinous acts) that was pestering Lewis and some others at a bus protest in South Carolina. The inevitable happened and Lewis was left severely beaten.

Fast forward. Lewis is now a Congressman from Georgia. He got another visit from Wilson. Wilson sincerely, and openly apologized for what he did to Lewis back in 1961. Lewis immediately accepted Wilson's apology and forgave him.

A man who once hung a black doll from a noose outside his house, realized the err of his ways and came forward and apologized to someone who he had wronged. A beautiful story.

People can change. Perhaps more will.

I hope.


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