Friday, February 20, 2009

A Nation Of Cowards... Yep!

This is why...

Any dipshit with half a brain can understand that this cartoon is making fun of the police shooting Travis the Chimp, and inferring that the stimulus program, written by CONGRESS, could have been written my monkeys. It is a witty, funny cartoon.

Al Sharpton and a bunch of government educated idiots are out protesting saying that the cartoon is racist, implying that President Obama is a monkey.

Lesson in civics: The Legislative and Executive branches of government are different separate entities. The Executive branch can suggest that the Legislative write certain laws, but it can not introduce legislation on its own. What the Executive does is get a partner in the Legislative, usually someone in the same party of the Executive to introduce the bill in to one of the houses of congress. It is then debated, changed, and sometimes passed. Then somebody else needs to introduce the bill in to the OTHER house where it is debated changed, and sometimes passed.
Then a group of Senators and Representatives get together hash out the differences of the bill from both houses, come to some sort of agreement, then THAT bill goes before both houses for approval. If it is changed in anyway by either house the process starts over again until the very same bill is passed in both houses. Only then does it go to the Executive for final signing or veto.

In all that process, the President does not touch the bill until the end. The President does not draft legislation, he signs it. To believe that Obama wrote the stimulus bill is ignorance. Pure and simple.

Remember this cartoon?

Remember how we laughed at the Muslim's protests? What is different? Ignorance is ignorance, and it all comes from people who refuse to think.

Nation of Cowards? When stuff like this can cause this much of a shitstorm, you can bet your ass that this cartoonist will NEVER EVER draw another cartoon that can be thought of as racist. In fact, he probably won't draw anything funny ever again. Way to go Al.


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