Saturday, February 21, 2009

UFC 95 Everybody On Weight

Everybody is on weight for UFC 95!

Troy Mandaloniz (168) vs. Paul Kelly (169)
Troy by KO first round.

Neil Grove (263) vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz (235)
Mike by KO second round.

Per Eklund (155) vs. Evan Dunham (154)
Per by decision.

Junior dos Santos (237) vs. Stefan Struve (240)
Stefan is a ground guy in Europe making his debut in the UFC... Junior is a ground guy with the Nog brothers who knocked out Fabricio Werdum ...
Junior by whatever he wants, most likely a triangle choke in the first.

Terry Etim (156) vs. Brian Cobb (155)
We have been seeing a lot of Terry in the European UFCs, he has dropped a few decisions, but is a scrappy technical fighter.
Brian Cobb makes his debut out of... Really that's his team name? You are not putting me on? Seriously? Ok... out of Team Pain and Suffering. Natch.
Terry by decision.

Josh Koscheck (170) vs. Paulo Thiago (169)
Koscheck is coming off of a KO win over Yoshiyuki Yoshida.
Thiago is making his debut after going 10-0 in Brazil.
Wow. Paulo must either be the second coming of... nobody. He is just getting thrown to the wolves.
Koscheck by G&P KO second round.

Chael Sonnen (185) vs. Demian Maia (184)
Sonnen beat a shell of what used to be Paulo Filho by decision in his last fight.
Demian Mia destroyed Nate Quarry then choked him to win with a RNC.
Sonnen could barley hold on against what used to be Paulo Filho. Before that Sonnen was tapped by a Paulo Filho who could barley motivate himself to stand up between rounds. He has no chance against Maia, unless he brings a crowbar with him in to the ring, and since the fight is in England, land of soccer hooligans, that might just happen... Maia by armbar first round. Odds are currently 10 to 1 in Vegas that Maia just rips of Sonnen's arm and takes it home with him.

Nate Marquardt (185) vs. Wilson Gouveia (185)
Nate very surprisingly knocked out kickboxer Martin Kampmann in his last fight.
Wilson made Jason MacDonald tap to elbow after elbow in his last fight.
This makes for a great fight. Nate is awesome on the ground, and so is Wilson. BUT with Nate's newly found striking ability will he want to take the fight there? I say no. Nate by KO second round.

Dan Hardy (170) vs. Rory Markham (170)
Dan Hady beat Gono...
Rory knocks nearly everybody he meets out. It is difficult for him to make friends...
If this goes to the ground Hardy eats Rory alive. If it does not go to the ground Rory knocks Hardy in to next week. It won't go to the ground. Rory by KO first round.

Diego Sanchez (156) vs. Joe Stevenson (155)
Diego knocked out Luigi Fioravanti the last time out.
Joe lost his last fight by RNC to Kenny Florian.
Diego has the edge on Joe in almost every category. Joe is not very good on his feet, and can not match Diego's style on the ground. I don't see Joe surviving very long. Diego by RNC second round.

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