Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama and Tax Cheats

What is the deal with Obama and tax cheats??
Pick a cheat Once

Tim Gethner newly sworn in Secretary of the Treasury.

Shame on you.
Pick a cheat Twice

Nancy Killefer nominated for Chief Performance Officer, and tax cheat.

Shame on me.
Pick a cheat Three times????

Senator Tom Daschle nominated head of Health and Human Services, and tax cheat.

WTF? Something is up with the vetting process, or the top guy just doesn't care...


Daniel said...

All prospective Obama cabinet and ranked positions within his administration had to complete a seven page questionnaire detailing all friends, family, associates, business dealings, personal finances, STD's, Hawaiian shirts, and proof of ownership of Pearl Jam's 'Ten' album. It was easily the most in-depth and intrusive application in presidential history.
Yes, I'm an Obama fan, but what else could he have done? I blame the deceitful individuals and the background checkers. I'm sure Lee Terry is somehow at fault too.

Natto Ninja said...

Hell yeah Lee Terry is at fault!!

That questionnaire must have been for normal people.

Never mind that you like the guy. Try to look at the facts objectively, or in your case, if GWB did it.
I am willing to give the guy a pass. He is putting together his first cabinet and all except Killefer are HUGE names in Democrat circles. All of them came highly recommended by all of Obama's inner circle. You just don't vet those people as you would somebody off the street.

BUT Obama is the BMOC now and the buck stops there. He is ultimately responsible for who he nominates.