Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eric Holder Announces: Water Is Wet!!

Eric Holder said that the U.S. is a nation of cowards when it comes to racial issues.
Really? You are kidding, right? A nation of cowards? I wonder why that would be...
Miley Cyrus is being sued for $4 billion over a photograph of her stretching her eyes... by someone who claims to represent all Asian people in her city... who wasn't even in the photo.
Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson make very good livings coming around and destroying people and reputations for saying next to nothing.
Bill Cosby had his character assassinated after criticizing a group of people.
Bill O'Riley was crucified in the press after saying that eating in Harlem was an OK experience.

A nation of cowards?? You betcha! Nothing in this country is as bad as being called a racist. You can cheat, murder, rape, and pillage. All of it is more acceptable then being a racist. People are so afraid of saying or doing anything wrong in a mixed setting, that they choose to segregate themselves.

I know people that consider you a racist if you believe that you should only be able to enter the country by legal means.
I know people that consider you a racist if you use the word "boy" in any way when they are in earshot.
I know people that consider you a racist if you challenge their religious practices.
I know people that consider you a racist if you are NOT of a certain ethnic group and practice the religion of that ethnic group.
I know people that consider you a racist if you say that all people from one country are good fighters.

These people are not shy of screaming out their thoughts, and in this culture if you are accused of being a racist, it is the same as if you were caught wearing an I heart Hitler shirt while burning a cross, standing on the torah while urinating on the Qur’an, defecating on the Bhagavad Gita, spitting on a crucifix, and making slanty eyes.
With just an accusation you could be fired, sued, and outcast from society.

Most people don't want to play that game so they isolate themselves.

Until we get rid of the horrible practice of hyphenated Americanism, we will have this problem. Until the race pimps go away, we will have this problem. Until then I will isolate MYSELF from all people, except those I know for a fact are "safe." Those who take free thought and free speech to heart, and that are offended by action, and intent, not simple words. Those who dedicate themselves to the premise that you should never let your mouth write checks that your ass can't cash.

I abhor true racism. It means that you believe that a group of people should not enjoy freedom. I am a lover of freedom.

I, Eric Holder, say that Water is Wet!!

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