Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Lip Syncing

Faith Hill and Jenifer Hudson looked great "singing" their respective songs at the Super Bowl. But they weren't singing, they were lip syncing.

What the hell?

Pre-game show producer Rickey Minor said about lip syncing: That's the right way to do it. There's too many variables to go live. I would never recommend any artist go live because the slightest glitch would devastate the performance."

The hell? Why don't we just let the players go through the motions of the game and let all of the Super Bowls end in a tie? That way no glitches will ruin any of the player's performances.

These are professional entertainers, why are they lip syncing? As a nation we made fun of the Chinese during the Olympic opening ceremonies because they subsisted a "cute" little girl in for the little girl who actually sang. Yet here we are during the largest televised event in the world, lip syncing our National Anthem.

Well, you say, if they screw up it could ruin their careers. Tough. No guts no glory. No risk no reward. Whitney Houston did it live, and that is considered the gold standard for Anthems. Why was it so kick ass? She was able to use the crowd, her feelings at the time, and the mood of the entire country at the time (it was during the first Gulf War) to put forth the best live performance of the Anthem of all time. That simply can not be done in a studio.
If a physician screws up somebody dies. If I screw up, I get fired. These are multi-million dollar earning singers.

It is a big deal to be in front of the Super Bowl audience and sing. Not everybody who watches the Super Bowl will watch the half time show, but nearly everybody will watch the National Anthem. Man up and earn your pay. Don't fake it.




Daniel said...

1. Faith Hill never faked it with me.

2. Most 'legitimate' artists would rather sing live. However, since *nipple-gate*, the FCC requires a prerecorded performance, or a significant delay during the Superbowl. Thanks Janet/Michael Jackson (same person).

Natto Ninja said...

ALL live TV is on a delay. This does not prevent any artist from singing live. Just ask Bruce Springsteen.

Nipple gate was funny. You have three artists: Janet Jackson (the "sane" Jackson), Justin Timberlake (the mouseketeer) and Kid Rock (the guy who married Pam Anderson, drops F-Bombs during his acceptance of Grammies, AND has American Bad-Ass tattooed on his back) ONLY Kid Rock will be singing live. Which one/s do you think will cause a policy altering fopaux? =)